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Applying for permits, licenses and registration by using traditional counter services can be a manual and time consuming process. Each city has their own unique set of rules and regulations, and this variability in requirements makes it difficult to comply - leading to delays and frustration. Civix simplifies the application process by providing users with an information hub that facilitates the process online, from start to finish.

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Civix is web-based - you can apply for a permit, license, or registration from your home or work computer, whenever it’s convenient for you. Anywhere, anytime, 24/7.


Civix helps citizens and government agencies go green! By eliminating the use of paper for the application process, Civix is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.


Civix makes the application process – from submission to approval – a snap! No more filling out paper forms or standing in lines to apply. Working with your city to get what you need is quick and easy!


Civix goes above and beyond industry standards for securing data and sensitive information. You can have confidence knowing that your personal information is kept safe by adhering with advanced levels of protection.

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